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Mono Online Traffic School

Mono Online Traffic School has been created just for you to help you mask your moving traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket. By taking our online program, you will be able to keep any negative points off your driving record and stop your insurance premiums from skyrocketing while also saving money. Our Mono traffic school is approved by the California State DMV, so you will have no problems with your completion being accepted.

Mono Online Traffic School has an easy-read course that is set up with five (5) chapters. Following each chapter, there will be a quiz that goes over the material you just read. You will need to pass each quiz in order to move onto the next section, but you are able to take it as many times as needed—no penalties and no extra charge!

If you do not feel like completing the Mono traffic school program all at once or in the same day, you do not have to with our course! Our Mono online traffic school program automatically saves your progress as you take the course. Whenever you are ready to take a break or stop for the night, simply just log out. When you are ready to take the program again, all you need to do is log back in with your username and password. Our only suggestion is that you complete the Mono traffic school program by your court assigned completion date. The court may not accept your completion if you fail to do so.

If you have questions or problems while taking Mono Online Traffic School or looking to get enrolled, you can contact our office at (877) 972-4665 any time 24/7.

Service Areas for Mono Online Traffic School

Aspen Springs
Crowley Lake
June Lake
Mammoth Lakes
McGee Creek
Mono City
Sunny Slopes
Small Meadows

More Information – Mono Online Traffic School

Millions of traffic citations are given out in the State of California every year. If you received a moving traffic violation including a turning violation, running a red light, failure to stop at a stop sign, illegal passing, or improper lane use, you may be eligible to take Mono traffic school. If you would like to see the complete list for one-point violations for California, please click here. In addition, if you would like review that California Driver Handbook, please click here.

Mono County Resources

Mono Online Traffic School believes that it is important for all drivers be knowledgeable about traffic safety. Listed below, we have put together helpful resource pages that will better extend your knowledge of Mono traffic school, Mono County Courthouse, and state rules and regulations.