Take Your California Driving School Online

Are you a teen that's ready to get your hands on your driver's license? If so, we have just the program for you! CaliforniaTeenDriving.com is our California drivers ed course. That's right! You don't have to look any further for an approved online drivers ed program. We are DMV licensed and offer the best way to complete your driver's education requirement before taking your California permit test.

Since our course is available completely online, there are no boring classrooms required! Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home and easily fit around your busy schedule. Best of all, our California drivers ed program even works on most smart phones and tablets, meaning you can work on your course while on the go! Getting your California permit has never been so easy!

With easy to follow reading material full of engaging images, animations and videos, our online drivers ed course won't feel like school. You are able to take everything until you pass—not that it's hard to pass our multiple-choice, open-book quizzes in the first place. Your progress is automatically saved, so logging in and out as you please is simple and convenient.

Our online drivers ed course will cover every topic you need to study in order to pass your California permit test, including:

  • Driving Responsibilities
  • Human Physical and Psychological Issues
  • The Effect of Natural Forces on your Vehicle
  • Signs, Signals, and Road Markings
  • Licensing, Registration, and the CA Vehicle Code
  • Vehicle Systems
  • Rules of the Road
  • Safe Driving Practices: Urban and Rural
  • Accidents, causes and prevention
  • Sharing the Road
  • Alcohol and Drugs

Aside from preparing you for your California permit test, we will also allow you to take a practice test. You can see which questions you got right and which ones were wrong so you'll know what areas need more studying. You will go into your test confident and prepared!

Taking our California drivers ed course to get your permit is the smartest decision you can make! Below you will find a couple of California DMV resources to help you during this important time:

Are you ready to take the course, Enroll Now and get started immediately!