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Madera County Traffic School

Getting a traffic ticket is always stressful. Traffic tickets are expensive and can cause your insurance premiums to be increased by your insurance company. By taking the Online Traffic School course, you can have one-point violations masked and keep your insurance premiums stable. The course is affordable, convenient and a guaranteed way to keep cash in your pocket. In addition, you can feel confident that our online traffic course is recognized by the California DMV and meets the state's eight hour prerequisite.

Simply sign up on our site, complete the course, pass the test, and we'll forward your certification to the DMV within 72 hours. From the convenience of your home, you can complete the course using your home computer. The flexibility of the course allows you to log in and log off at times that are best suited with your busy schedule. You can choose to complete the course in one sitting or break it up into small intervals. Either way is fine, just be sure to complete the course by the traffic court due date.

The course is designed to be compatible with all learning styles, and you'll be impressed with its format. Throughout the course, there are fun videos and interactive animation to keep you focused and makes the learning process fun. The course is organized into 11 modules with a short quiz at the end of each. At the very end, there is a final exam that will include questions regarding important points in the modules.

We value all of our clients and provide unparalleled customer service. At The Online Traffic School, we have technical support teams and affable reps that are available 24/7.

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  • Parkwood
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More Information - Madera Traffic School

The Traffic Division of the Madera County Superior Court provides full details about the requirements and eligibility criteria you need to meet in order to be eligible for traffic school attendance. Using the online automated payment system, you can pay your infraction fine and bail charges online by entering details such as your driver's license number and citation number that will be mentioned on the courtesy notice issued to you after the violation is registered in court.

When it comes to traffic infractions, you can make the payments in person at any of the lobby windows during working hours. Payments via acredit card are not accepted at the counters. You can also mail the payment(s) in, use the phone services to make the payment(s), or pay online.

You may be eligible to attend traffic school and if you are, it will be mentioned on your courtesy notice. These are the eligibility criteria that need to be met:

  • You should not have attended traffic school in the past 18 months owing to a prior violation.
  • The traffic violation should not be worth more than 1 point under Vehicle Code (VC) 12810 or more than 1.5 points under the VC 12810.5(b)(2).
  • You must have a valid driver's license but not a commercial driver's license and the citation must not be a violation of the VC 22406.5.
  • The traffic citation must not be related to alcohol/drug use or possession.

If you are eligible, you can request to attend traffic school after paying the entire bail amount as well as an additional $74 as traffic violator school fee. Yes, you have to pay for the school and if you taking the classes in person, do not fall asleep. Once you choose a traffic school, you will be charged a separate attendance fee.

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