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Ridding yourself of unwanted traffic tickets in Kings is a breeze with The Online Traffic School course. Using the advantages of modern technology, you can legally have one-point violations masked right from your home computer. Simply register online at our website, pass the test, and your certification is electronically transferred to the DMV within 24 hours. Just three easy steps will keep your driver's record clean, mask the ticket and avoid an increase in insurance premiums. The bottom line is that you'll save money.

Our online traffic course is licensed with the California DMV and meets the state's mandated eight hour requirement. It is affordable, simple and a surefire way to get traffic tickets masked. Our online traffic course was developed to suit all learning styles. Throughout the course, there are engaging videos and interactive animation to make learning easy and enjoyable. The online traffic course is formatted with 11 modules that have a quiz at the end of each chapter. You can easily transition from one chapter to the next with a simple click. At the end of the course, there is a final examination which covers the key points in the modules. Even if you don't pass the final exam the first time, you are given a second attempt at no additional cost.

With the flexibility of our online traffic course, you can finish the course in one sitting or opt to take it over several days. Just remember that the course needs to be completed before your traffic court date. Once you're finished, you can print a completion receipt right from the website for your records.

At The Online Traffic School, we also provide unmatched customer service. Our technical support teams and customer service reps are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

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More Information - Kings County Traffic School

The Traffic Division based within Kings County does not issue Courtesy Notices for traffic infractions. Details pertaining to the citation issued such as vehicle code violations, date, time of court appearance, bail and fine amounts, and eligibility for attending traffic school can be obtained either by calling (559) 584-0362 or visiting one of the court locations at Hanford, Avenal, or Corcoran. Since there is not any online payment system by the Court, the only way to make payments is by visiting one of the court locations or by using the automated information and payment system by calling the same number provided right above. Only credit cards are accepted for making these payments. Keep your citation number handy before calling.

The information system tells you about your eligibility to attend traffic school. Detailed eligibility requirements can be read here. If you are eligible to attend the traffic violator school program, you will have to make a request for traffic school by filling out the Traffic Violator School Contract and mailing it to the Criminal Division at 1426 South Drive Bldg A, Hanford, CA. 93230.

Be sure that you are also enclosing a self-addressed envelope along with the contract to receive a list of accepted traffic schools by mail and other details such as the due date for the completion of the traffic school program. Payments for administrative charges which comes out to $64 and bail charges can be made via a check or by calling the automated payment system at (559) 584-0362. If you wish to make the payments in three equal monthly payments, in-person appearance is mandatory.

You can call the Traffic School Coordinator at (559) 582-1010, ext. 3059 or 3062, to obtain information on the traffic schools nearest to you and their respected fees. Attending an online or home based study course is also allowed. Once the entire process of application and approval is completed, you will receive information on completion date for the traffic school and the ways to submit the certificate of completion. Failure to comply with due date will lead to forfeiture of the traffic school and administrative fees.

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