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San Luis Obispo Traffic School

Taking The Online Traffic School course is the ideal solution to mask one-point violations in San Luis Obispo. It's affordable, convenient and will save you the high cost of traffic tickets and increased insurance premiums. On average, insurance premiums can increase anywhere from $200 to $350 annually as the result of traffic tickets. At the Online Traffic School, our goal is to save you money while providing an easy-to-follow online traffic course. Our online traffic course is approved by the California DMV and fulfills the state's requirement of eight hours.

As soon as you register online, you'll be led to the online traffic course. The course is formatted into 11 modules with a quiz at the end of each. A final exam is required at the end of all the modules and will cover the key highlights of each. The course is designed to appeal to any learning style using engaging videos and interactive animation to keep the course interesting and fun. Our online traffic course can be completed in eight hours at one shot or broken up into timed intervals to suit your busy schedule. Simply log in and log off at your convenience. We always caution users to make sure they finish by the traffic court date.

Once you have finished and passed the final exam, we will automatically send your certificate to the DMV within 72 hours electronically. When you do pass, you can also print out a completion receipt right from our website for your own records.

We value our customers and provide 24/7 customer service should you have any questions or concerns.

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San luis Obispo

More Information - San Luis Obispo Traffic Court

The Traffic Department helps you manage certain moving vehicle code violations online through its website. You can retrieve information related to your citation online by clicking here. Traffic infraction information can also be obtained by calling (805) 781-5143 during the business hours of the Court.

Forms required for traffic petition, trial by declaration, and request for new trial can be downloaded from the website. All your traffic ticket payments can be made online using major credit cards, by calling the telephone payment system at (866) 822-5176, or by mailing in a check or a money order to the addresses mentioned here. Cash is not accepted through the mail. You can also visit one of the court locations for making payments and handling many other traffic infraction related matters. If you plead guilty, there is an option to receive community service as a punishment instead of making payments via fines; subject to conditions.

Traffic school eligibility is mentioned on your Courtesy Notice. You can check for the same online by clicking here. The Court Clerk is authorized to grant your request for traffic school if you meet all the eligibility requirements. In general, you should be a valid Class C license holder, should not have attended any traffic school during last 18-months, and the Vehicle Code Violations should be between §21000 and §28114 (barring few exceptions).

It is mandatory to pay any administrative & bail charges and fines and submit proof of corrections before applying for traffic school. The payment modes mentioned above work for traffic schools too. Select an online or classroom mode for attending traffic school.

If you have attended an online traffic school, the traffic school will electronically send the completion certificate to the DMV. It is critically important to ensure that traffic school completion certificate reaches the DMV before the due date; if this does not occur, all your payments will be forfeited.

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