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Incurring traffic tickets is always problematic. There are high costs associated with traffic fines in addition to increased insurance premiums or a possible insurance cancellation. You can easily have one-point violations masked and keep your driving record free of any documented violations by taking The Online Traffic School course. In just eight short hours online, you're record will be clean again, and your insurance policy will remain intact with no increase. With our online course, you can feel assured that the course is accepted by the California DMV and fulfills the state mandated eight hours.

In just three painless steps, the traffic ticket can be masked and you'll be worry free. Simply sign up at our site, pass the online test, and we'll forward the certification to the DMV within 72 hours of completion. The whole process is affordable, convenient and a surefire way to keep cash in your wallet.

You'll be delighted with the format of our online traffic course. The course is enhanced with colorful videos and engaging animation to make the learning process fun and interactive. We realize that having to read lengthy text can be cumbersome and doesn't always suit everyone's learning style. There are just 11 modules with a quiz at the end of each. In addition, the course finishes up with a final exam that assesses your knowledge. Once you pass the final exam, you can also print out a completion receipt for your records.

We also support our users 100%. The Online Traffic School is staffed with technical support teams and customer service reps that are available 24/7. If you have any questions or concerns, they will happy to assist you.

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More Information - Imperial County Traffic School

Online management of infractions is made easy by the Traffic Division webpage of the Imperial County Superior Court. A Courtesy Notice with all the pertinent information relevant to the traffic citation, date, place, and time of the hearing will be delivered to you. In general, the courtesy notice will be sent out to you within 3 weeks of registration of the citation with the court. If you have not received this notice, contact the court to ensure that you do not miss your court hearing.

Payment for traffic infractions can be made in person using checks, money orders, cash, as well as credit cards. You can also mail a check or money order with the full amount to the Superior Court. Other payment options include paying on the phone as well as online using credit cards through e-netpay.

The Imperial County Superior Court Traffic Division offers plenty of options when it comes to resolving infractions. If you are deemed eligible, you can also choose to attend traffic school. This will result in a confidential conviction which will be duly noted by the DMV. The courtesy notice sent to you will mention whether or not you are eligible to attend Imperial County traffic school. If you are deemed eligible, you can request this option after paying the entire bail amount mentioned on the courtesy notice as well as an additional $58 as administrative fee for the traffic school.

There are a number of DMV licensed traffic schools that you could choose to attend. Alternatively, there is a home study traffic school program that is accepted by Imperial County. From the available list of licensed programs, you can choose options for home study such as the Internet, workbooks, or videos.

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