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Getting traffic tickets masked in Yuba is a breeze at The Online Traffic School. We've streamlined the process into three simple and surefire steps to get one-point violations masked. Simply sign up at our site, take the course and pass the test. Once you've passed, your certificate is automatically electronically submitted to the DMV within 72 hours. Our online traffic course is the ideal solution for avoiding hefty fines and increased car insurance premiums. The bottom line is that it saves you cash.

You can feel secure that our online traffic course is approved by the California DMV and meets the state's regulation of eight hours. The course is designed into 11 modules with a quiz at the end of each. There is also a final exam that will cover key factors in the modules. Our goal is to keep the course stress-free and save you money.

You'll enjoy the way the information is presented in the course. The course is formatted with engaging videos and interactive animation to keep you on task and make the learning process enjoyable. The course is also flexible. You can opt to complete it in one sitting, or choose to spread it out over several days. This flexibility makes it easy to complete the course at times that are convenient for you. Just make certain that you finish the course by the designated traffic court date.

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Our technical support teams and friendly customer reps are always happy to help.

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More Information – Yuba Traffic Schools

In case of a traffic infraction, the Yuba County Traffic Division will issue a Courtesy Notice to you approximately 10 days after the citation occurred. This notice will tell you how you can resolve the infraction citation properly. Please note that even if you do not receive the notice, you will be responsible for resolving the citation by the due date.

You can make the payments through a variety of methods like by going to the court in person or sending a check via mail. For more information about the various ways to pay off an infraction citation, you can reach the Traffic Division for Adult Violators by dialing (530) 749-7600, Extension – 3, Extension – 3.

One outstanding and reliable way to ensure that your DMV record does not become tarnished is by completing traffic school as prescribed by the Yuba County Traffic Division. In order to request traffic school, you need to be eligible to attend the school. These are a few of the eligibility criteria you will need to meet in order to be able to sign up for traffic school:

  • You must have a valid driver's license.
  • Your citation violations need to be eligible. You must have a moving violation and not a seat belt, insurance, or equipment violation on the citation.
  • You must not have attended traffic school even once over the past 18 months.
  • Your citation has not occurred while you were driving with a commercial driver's license or while you were driving a commercial vehicle of any kind.
  • You must not have any defaults such as a Failure to Appear on your citation.
  • The citation must not be related to alcohol/drug use/possession.

If you are eligible and want to attend, you will have to go to court and pay the complete bail amount as well as a traffic school administrative fee. Find a list of DMV approved traffic schools here.

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