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Modoc Traffic School

Modoc County Online Traffic School is dedicated to helping those who have received a traffic citation in Modoc County. Our program is designed to provide you with knowledge on becoming a better defensive driver while masking your traffic violation and keeping your insurance premiums down.

If you are looking for a Modoc County online traffic school that is simple and easy you have come to the right place! Our course has 11 modules that are equipped with engaging graphics, photos, animations and interactive videos to help you better understand California driver safety. At the end of each chapter, you will have a small multiple choice quiz. You will be required to pass this quiz before you can continue on to the next section. To make taking these quizzes stress-free, you will be able to re-take them as many times as you need to pass on to the next section!

To stay in compliance with California regulations, the course is a standard eight (8) hours long. With our Modoc traffic school, you do not have to take the course all at once or in the same day. You can complete the course in small segments and complete it at your own time. Also, if you are a quick reader, you are able to complete the course quicker than the standard eight (8) hours. At the same time, if you like to take notes and re-read sections and need longer than eight (8) hours to complete our Modoc County Online Traffic School course, then you can do so.

Service Areas for Modoc County Online Traffic School

California Pines
Daphnedale Park
Davis Creek
Fort Bidwell
Lake City
New Pine Creek

More Information - Modoc Traffic School

If you have received a moving traffic violation in the California County “Where the West still lives,” you will want to mask it as soon as possible. In order to mask your traffic citation, you will need to participate in Modoc traffic school. You will only be able to participate in Modoc County Online Traffic School if your citation was a moving violation. Moving violations include: illegal passing, improper lane use, failing to stop at a stop sign, turning violation, running a red light, and/or speeding.

Before you are able to take a Modoc traffic school course, you must pay your traffic ticket. If you do not wish to pay your citation online, you can go to the court and do so. Click here for directions and location information

If you would like specific information regarding your court in Modoc County, you can visit their home page.

Modoc County Resources

At Modoc County Online Traffic School, we know how important masking your moving violation is along with knowing all you can about driver safety. Below, we have put together a list for you to provide you with more information regarding Modoc County traffic citations, the Modoc County Courthouse, and California laws.

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