How Online Traffic School Works

The hardest part about traffic school was finding us. But now that you're here, the rest of the process is a snap. Simplicity is what makes us the best online traffic school. All you have to do is complete three easy steps.

  1. Register – Completing the registration process only takes a couple minutes of your time. If you don't have all your ticket information handy, you'll have the opportunity of adding it later when you're in the program.
  2. Complete the course – The program consists of reading and answering questions, all at your own pace. You have unlimited chances to retake any chapter quiz that you miss at no additional cost. You even have more than one chance to pass the final exam!
  3. Completion Receipt – Once you've completed all the sections, we will submit your completion receipt directly the the California DMV on your behalf.

We've got you covered at The Online Traffic School, Inc!

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