California Traffic School Options

If you recently received a traffic citation in California there is a good chance that you need to find a California traffic school program to help you take care of it. Completing a traffic school program will help you keep points off of your public driving record and keep your auto insurance rates low. Luckily, California offers a few different options when it comes to traffic school.

What Options are there for California Traffic School?

California traffic school is offered three different ways: traditional classroom courses, home-study workbooks and online programs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Classroom Courses

Attending a traffic school classroom is the traditional method. The classrooms are usually held on the weekends so that students can meet the eight hour requirement. Typically taught by retired police officers or aspiring comedians, the hours are usually filled by watching videos that cover the required topics. The benefits of taking your traffic school in a classroom include the ability to interact with your instructor if you have questions and the relief of finishing it all in one day. Unfortunately, most people find the long hours unbearable, the instructors boring and the inconvenience intolerable, and long for a course easier to accomplish.

Home-Study Workbooks

To answer the problems of classroom courses, home-study workbooks were created. Many students love these workbooks because they contain all of the relevant content taught in classroom courses with the convenience of working in your own home whenever you have free time. The workbooks, however, lack interactivity. Long sections of reading and working on your own can make for a grueling experience and students tend to crave more entertaining forms of education.

Online Programs

Taking traffic school online seems to be the answer to the problem. Combining the interactivity of classroom courses and the convenience of home-study workbooks, online traffic school has become the most popular way to complete the requirement. With content that you can study in your own home and on your own schedule, it is much more convenient to take traffic school online. Since the content is online, it is easy to enhance it with images and videos to keep you focused and entertained. An online course is definitely the best way to take California traffic school!

Should I Take Traffic School Online or in a Classroom?

The two most popular ways to complete a California traffic school requirement are traditional classroom and online programs. The online vs. classroom debate is always a question when you receive a traffic citation. Of course, we believe that taking it online and from the comfort of your own home is the best. Online traffic school is a hassle-free way to take care of your recent traffic ticket, especially if you take it with our quick and easy course! Let's see how our online course compares to a traditional classroom course:

 Classroom CourseOnline Course
How long does it take?8 hours, all at onceA fraction of that time, broken up however you'd like
Where can I work on it?In a designated facility if it doesn't get cancelled due to low enrollmentFrom home, the office or anywhere on your mobile devices
What do I have to do?Listen to an instructor and watch videosRead 11 modules enhanced with images, videos and animations
What if I need help?Ask your instructorAsk our traffic school experts who are available 24/7
What if I want to review?Try really hard to remember or ask instructor to recapLook back through any part of the course at anytime
What if I need a break?The instructor will tell you when you can have a short breakTake it! Log off, your progress will be saved, and you can log back on at any time

Why are we the Best Online Traffic School?

Would you like to hear more reasons why we are the best online traffic school? Here are just a few of the reasons why over four million students have graduated from our program:

  • We've been in business since 1996
  • The entire course is open book
  • We have 24/7 customer support
  • Specialize in last minute due dates
  • Only 11 modules
  • Work on the course while on the go
  • We are DMV licensed (E1279)

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