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Monterey County Traffic School

The Online Traffic School course in Monterey is the ideal way to get one-point violations masked and to avoid an increase in insurance premiums that typically follows a traffic ticket. We all know the dreaded feeling of getting a traffic ticket. Immediately, we know that the traffic ticket is going to put a crimp in the wallet. Taking our Monterey County traffic school course is the smart solution. The course is certified, convenient and affordable. In just three simple steps, you can have your traffic ticket masked and avoid the additional costs that come along with traffic tickets. Register online, complete our Monterey County traffic school, and your certificate is electronically sent to the DMV within 72 hours. The process is expedient, efficient and effective.

You can feel confident that our Monterey County traffic school is approved by the California DMV and satisfies the state's mandated eight hour requirement. The course is organized into 11 modules with a quiz at the end of each. In addition, there is a final exam at the very end that will cover the key elements of each module. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and engaging our online course is formatted. Colorful videos and engaging animation make learning simple and fun as you follow from module to module.

In addition to providing users with an easy and affordable way to mask traffic tickets, we also provide our clients with A+ customer service. Our technical support team and friendly customer reps are available 24/7. At The Online Traffic School, we've got all the bases covered, and it's always a home run.

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More Information - Monterey Traffic Court

The County of Monterey Superior Court of California Traffic Division website helps you retrieve and manage information related to adult and juvenile traffic offenses. It is the responsibility of the citizen to keep track of the date of the hearing; even if you do not receive a Courtesy Notice on time. You can track the progress using the interactive online system. Alternatively, if it's not a mandatory appearance hearing, you simply can make the necessary bail, fees, and administrative charges online using the payment gateway. How the fine was calculated can be determined using the online system here.

Numbers and Forms

Since the County Court does not process parking tickets, parking infractions and related fines need to be paid online using the dedicated parking infraction fine payment portal using your case number, driver's license number, or citation number. All the necessary forms pertaining to traffic infractions for any hearing, payments, and appeals can be downloaded from this webpage.

The Court website clearly states that if you have attended a traffic school within the past 18 months, you are illegible or unable to attend the traffic school again. It also needs to be understood that court clerks no longer are authorized to grant traffic school attendance requests if the infraction falls under certain categories.

Possible Schools to Attend

Unlike other counties, the procedure for attending traffic school is a bit different in Monterey County. After paying the bail amount, court charges, and traffic school fees, the Court, after scrutinizing your case, will determine your eligibility to attend traffic school. You will be notified about the same. If eligible, the Court will provide you with a due date by which you need to submit the completion certificate to the DMV.

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